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Website Terms and Conditions

Whilst the content of this platform is regularly checked by the Admin team, it should only be accessed by those 13 years and over. By registering and/or using this service, you are confirming you are of this age or older. We request that:
1. contributors are respectful of others
2. posts remain "on topic" (no religious/political/abusive/hateful/threatening posts)
3. contributors understand that posts deemed inappropriate in topic or language will be removed by the Admin team without prior notice.

Please do not submit any content you or a reasonable person would consider to be private/confidential/spam or infringing on copyright. Any such post will be removed by the Admin team without prior notice.

Anyone repeatedly posting anything deemed inappropriate by the Admin team will be blocked from posting in the future. This may, or may not, be preceded by a warning. Re-admittance to the site, if applicable, is purely at the discretion of the Committee and is not guaranteed at any point in time.

Requests for content to be removed will be undertaken at the discretion of the Admin team.

Links, adverts and personal recommendations for businesses will be monitored by the Admin team. As this platform is for the benefit of the members, every opportunity will be taken by the Admin team to build relationships with all businesses recommended or advertising goods & services.

CCCUK member businesses will be prioritised, and repeated posts promoting/advertising businesses not affiliated with or supporting the CCCUK and its members will be deleted and (where deemed applicable) the authors blocked.

Be aware that, by posting, you are granting the CCCUK with non-exclusive, unlimited license to use, publish or re-publish your content. You retain copyright over the content.

The CCCUK takes no responsibility for any posts relating to, but not limited to services/vehicles/parts/recommendations/valuations etc. posted on this platform by individuals, nor does it associate itself with any opinions expressed on this platform by any individual.

These terms may be amended at any time without notice.

If you do not agree with these Terms & Conditions, please do not register (where applicable) or use this platform. Use of this platform constitutes acceptance of these Terms & Conditions.

CCCUK 06/06/2020

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    29 August 2020
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