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The as-yet-unnamed little red corvette

So, this is my baby.
View media item 203You may have seen some of my previous posts from the old forum.

To give a brief synopsis of where we have been up to this point, it would go something like this:

-Always wanted a C3 with all the chrome trimmings since I had a hotwheels.
-searched for nearly 2 years trying to find the ‘right’ one (meaning one that I could afford but wasn’t a complete junker)
-found one, imported it
-watched in horror as the delivery driver tried to find the h-box neutral position in my automatic gearbox :cry:
View media item 202-discovered the replacement engine’s origin
CCCUK - View topic - Can you identify this engine?
-tried to get my indicators sorted for the MOT
CCCUK - View topic - Indicator/hazards switch
-finding out where my washer pump/bottle is supposed to be
Errrrrr washer bottles and pump location

Now, after ordering £500(ish) in parts for what I hope is the final instalment before the MOT subsequent registration, I find something else out about the previous owner: they didn’t like to slow down for speed bumps.
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So that’s a replacement pair of headers :eek:

Anyone know where I can find a reasonably price pair of long tube headers for a square ported zz4 engine?

Also, any suggestions for a name? I’m hitting a blank :unsure:


CCCUK Member
Name. If the resto goes smoothly and the fact it’s American then ”Screaming eagle Cabernet” if it’s a complete pig then “Red Whine”
Wow, not holding back are you...........I detect just a smidge of sarcasm, red wine screaming eagle or a whining pig, hummm, tough decision to make there. :unsure:
Ummmmmm ......... neither. Thanks :oops: for the ..... errrrr advice on that one.

It’s got to be a name, I haven’t decided if it’s a boy or a girl, and I like literation. So something beginning with C or a V.


CCCUK Member
I've never got in the habit of giving a personal name to any of my vehicles, around the house I usually go with "the black one, the red one, the blue one, etc." Or calling it by it's model.
If addressing my vehicle to one or a group, I'll stick with the "Z51, the Z06, the C3, etc."