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Cool Little Video....


CCCUK Member
Neat story, so used to pressing a button to start, laying into a foot pedal, paddle shifting (or not), etc. What is this retard spark and set timing that is spoken of..........:)

Now listen sonny, I'll have you know I was born way after those 19 and ought brass days of yesteryear...........;)
:D:D I wasn't suggesting you were Brass Era Norm:D I know that on that side of "the Pond" t's what you call "Veteran" cars......

I was recently being encouraged by wife June to buy a Model T, so had "done the homework" re starting and driving. Now, that is something different!

In the end, a bit of common sense prevailed - they are bigger than one thinks and it might not have gone in the garage!:oops:


CCCUK Member
Member in club has a 20's era antique Auburn.........constant upkeep maintenance on it, oh it's neat, does a few parades, it's like having a prized show dog, or cat.......:eek: