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Flickering Sat Nav on 2014 C7

On the 2014 some folk have had problems with the OEM Sat Nav Flickering it's Peculiar to that model year ….. and I'd read some had fitted Garmin, Tom Tom or some other Nav in the Cubby Hole.
With The Screen down the Radio still works AOK
so I did my own research as being an Import it would prove too expensive to replace the original I think the Screen alone is $1000 not including the labour
I found the Garmin 61 LMT-D [EURO Map and LMT-S is USA] is about Bang Right for size [See the Pics] I used dual tape along the bottom and just pushed it home. The internal USB Port is not suitable for Power with the Garmin USB lead … that is a Data Lead but further research shows a www.3BRPowersports.com Redband cable Will Supply Power [Part No; 202-0058-12
[mines on Order and will plug into the USB inside the Cubby so will look as Good as the Factory unit.]
The LMT- Stands for Free Lifetime Maps and Traffic updates]
I also have on Order the Garmin BC30 Wireless Camera which is 'Taped' into the reverse light wire so works in the same way as the OEM
Having seen some 'Oddball' little Sat Navs mounted in the Cubby Hole I thought I'd offer my Solution to the Flickering Sat Nav that looks like 'Factory' …..maybe of Help to any owner whos having a problem [all in cost to me of £270 ….Not Bad]


I got the BC30 complete ‘Wireless’ Reverse Camera kit fitted ... it involved removing the rear Clam to tap into the reverse light wire and an earth ... the transmitter is mounted with dual stick to a Horizontal (👏Not vertical) plane .... I have to say Maps and Functions are Excellent and the Rear view picture in Full Colour high Res is Brilliant
It has replaced my ‘Flickering OEM Nav’ and to be fair it looks Factory and Dare I say its a bit better than original