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RPO L88 - the torch was passed from the 1963 Z06 and the 1963 Grand Sport to these


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A C2 and a C3 L88. Co-drivers of the 1967...way back in 1967 - Dick Guldstrand (centre-left) and Bob Bondurant (centre-right)...


Ever hear a L88 run? The frozen-in-place body language on the people in the garage area, as these beauties are fired up, tells the story. If you've ever heard the term 'ground-pounder', now you know where it came from. Click on the Youtube video below.



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If you're at work reading this, you may wish to wait until you get home. It's just too enjoyable for a workplace setting. ;)

How much did this '67 L88 go for at auction? $350,000.00, you may answer. No, I reply - that was just the buyer's fee...