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Saturday Santa Pod event at the Nats

A. Spectate at Santa Pod's 'Run What Yer Brung' on 29th June 2019 - B. Race your Vette at the 'Pod

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CCCUK Chairman
It seems as though we can get some strip time at Santa Pod on the Saturday morning/early afternoon of the Nats weekend. I'm sure a number of us will want to take our cars on the 1/4 mile and see how well we can do against our fellow members cars. You now have the opportunity. If your are happy enough just to come and park-up in your Vette in a dedicated area and simply watch the race action (and your fellow members competing) please show us your thoughts about this. Provisional entry costs to the Run What Yer Brung are £15 a head and a further £30 'sign-on' fee if you want to race. If we get enough interest in this event we may be able to get theses figures discounted.


CCCUK Chairman
We've only had one reply so far to the vote (for drag racing at the Nats) - can members intending to go to the AGM/Nats please cast votes.
Slightly 'off-topic' but relevant to the topic of drag racing - a week after our Nats the Mustang Owners club have arranged a private drag race day for their members at Santa Pod on Friday 5th July - the CCCUK is first on their invite list - I will post a new thread about this - but initially fella's any comments............