The new CCCUK website

Welcome to the new CCCUK website!

The old website

The old CCCUK forums were launched in January 2004 and were based on a collection of free software packages integrated into a single platform called Minerva. Unfortunately the Minerva project wasn't maintained for very long so the website started getting out of date and falling behind other forum packages. We've done our best to maintain the site with security and bug fixes but improving the functionality would be too much work.

Although you can visit the old site at it has now been locked down. No new users can register accounts and nobody can start a new topic. Eventually we'll lock it completely and it can serve as an archive of 15 years' worth of Corvette chat.

But it's time to move on!

The new site - launched 1st February 2019

To replace the old site we've looked around at the current forum software packages to find one that's not too expensive to buy, provides lots of features, and is easy to use. We chose XenForo in the end because it gets very good reviews (and isn't vBulletin!).

What has changed

The biggest difference between the old site and the new is the user-friendliness. The new site works well on smaller screens, making it easier for you to use on your phone or a tablet. It also allows you to upload images to your forum posts, making it easier to share photos of your Corvette to the world.

You'll find lots of other smaller differences as you use the site. The old site had private messages between forum members, while the new site calls this 'conversations'. Conversations can be between more than two people but otherwise the system should work in the same way.

Some of the features will be easy to pick up while others might not be as familiar as they were on the old site. This forum software is being well maintained though, so any issues and bugs should be fixed over time.

Bringing information over from the old site

Unfortunately we can't retrieve your password from the old site so we haven't been able to re-create your account for you in the new site. You'll need to sign up at the new site. Sorry for this inconvenience.

There was no easy way of exporting all the threads from the old site and bringing them into the new site either, so we haven't been able to do that.

If you need help...

If you get stuck using the new site, please send an email to me (Ben) at and I'll do my best to help.

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    6 January 2019
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