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2004 ProCharged Z06 For Sale


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Up for sale after 3 1/2 years is my 600+ BHP ProCharged Z06 with the Z16 option. #1762 of only 2025 ever built.
Very low 48,000 miles and 4 folders of total history and bills for work done on the car.
I have kept a total diary of maintenance done since I’ve owned the car, if it had wipers replaced then it’s in the diary, car wants for nothing and any parts I replaced are always genuine GM or better!
Car has over £15k in mods including ProCharger, ZR1 wheels, C6 Z06 brakes and full Stainletrace exhaust system (loud) to name a few.
Totally unbelievable performance, and for the price you can’t go wrong!
Any questions call me on 07816878892 Tony
Essex 173773D1-7072-4953-94A7-8DB778BDF6AB.jpegF6EC9FD4-E7B9-49BF-B670-27CA481CB6D8.jpeg39B92843-7020-4AF0-A038-679C26004DEC.jpeg5BD9ECEE-5C57-4685-B0F0-59CD02226FF5.jpeg75E7984F-F37B-49E0-ACB4-7E41EE6C4876.jpeg0B55E33C-4FE5-439B-AA94-BE36B1DCF311.jpeg886B7028-1CBF-4368-9273-457E67F01640.jpeg
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It would be great to know who did it, as i am seriously thinking now of adding one onto my c5 convertible. Good luck with the sale.