blinking fast indicators


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On the way back from speedfest on the sunday, my right hand indicator appeared to blink, twice as fast as the left one , so I obviously thought must be a bulb out, yes, the right front was not working, after fitment of a new bulb, there is still a fast flash, as if there is a blown bulb, but all three indicators are working !! Any ideas on this this One, the hazards work fine, its the same issue lights on or off have tried another bulb, i have tried them the other way round, its a 99 FRC Not uk car


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Unfortunately it seems not, 3157 although it does point to a blown or inadequate wattage bulb, any body got any other ideas ?


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Have you checked all 3 bulbs on that side are the correct wattage?
Might sound daft but I’ve been there and it took an eternity of head scratching to fix. As the one that hadn’t blown was the incorrect wattage too.

The next option is wiring/earths. I think there only one flasher relay so it can’t be that.


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An easy way to closely look that all turn signal bulbs look the same is turn on the hazard flasher and then
look at all the bulbs front and rear to see if one bad or weaker than others

It could be a ground issue

Also, could be the 4 way flasher, known to go bad, or the relays

For flasher,
Take off the trim panel that goes around your radio and A/C and take off the knee panel above the pedals, You'll also need to pull the radio.

Once you have the trim pieces off and the radio out, you'll see the underside of the unit, which has a tab that you can push upward --
There's also such a tab on top, but you can't get to it unless you pull the dash.
Push on the bottom one of those tabs with a screwdriver, and at the same time give the front of the unit a whack

I have broken down the fuse panel by BCM, under passenger floor hatch for you
Notice the red dots or arrows
Also look at the top of relays as to part number, if need be could swap the same type of another function to test for flasher relays



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its a 99 FRC Not uk car
What was done to the car for its UK lighting conversion? That's what I'd be thinking about if you've eliminated the obvious of bulb specification.

From memory its the rears which need the most attention in the conversion process in order to separate the indicators from the brake lights.

The easiest way to find out what's going on back there is to remove the rear lamp units. They just unscrew from the outside.


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Thinking further about this, whoever did the electrical conversion for UK will probably have needed to pick up an "indicator only" feed for each rear indicator. One place to achieve that is to cut into the wiring which leads to each front indicator. So it could be worth pursuing exactly how the whole job was done by trying to find where that feed was picked up from on the right hand side. It might be at the front lamps where the wiring is easy to access. And if the wiring has been played with there might be a resistive fault in either the feed connection or the ground connection. Worth a bit of investigation.

Note 1: Was your car fitted with additional side indicators to pass IVA? Any wiring to the additional right side indicator should be investigated as well.

Note 2: All the lamps need specific and good ground connections to work in a Vette's composite body.

Note 2: Your rear red fog lamp will have had to be spliced into the dip beam circuit so you may come across an extra wire to the headlamps as well. Depending on how it was all achieved it's not impossible that movement of the headlamp pods could have unsettled some additional "conversion" wiring.