C7 Clearcoat - hardness and thickness


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It is inevitable that cars pick up the odd scratch here and there. My solution in the past, with common cars, is to avoid using paint renovating rubbing compounds by hand. If I was really bothered, I have a paint thickness gauge, and can then apply gentle machine polishing using a variety of pads and different compounds varying in how abrasive they are. This has served me well the few times I have wanted to polish out light scratches and been very successful.

The Corvette C7, and for that matter any Corvette, is going to be trickier in that the paint thickness gauge is not going to work on a fibreglass body. I know some gauges are available, but these are mostly likely ultrasonic and cost £thousands. I would therefore like to know people's experiences of polishing the clearcoat on a C7 blindly, and how far can you go? If you had a deep scratch, would you leave it alone or be tempted to have a go with some form of polishing?

I have a micropolisher and it is a great piece of kit which has allowed me to gently buff small and tricky areas up nicely, but so fa - no deep scratches (fortunately). The day will probably arrive one or another though.


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I've never machine polished anything and certainly wouldn't contemplate it for the Crystal Tintcoat of my C7.

My own preferences for cleaning/maintenance are,
* Perfect parts - normal car polish. (Autoglym)
* Scratched parts - one of the "colour" car polishes. (Color Magic)
* Deep scratches - touch in with a colour matched paint stick, then polish as above.

My cars are far from perfect but they look fine from a few feet away. Once you stop staring at minor damage you stop noticing it.


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Thanks both. Really looking for knowledge from anyone who has ascertained the paint thickness and hardness compared to other marques. To me, the clearcoat on the Corvette is pretty hard, but I cannot tell how generous the thickness is compared to other makes, Would be good to hear from anyone who has really detailed a car from a position of experience. Greatest danger is going through the clear of course! I am a bit of a perfectionist, but not going to wet sand to remove orange peel!

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You're in my territory here :) If you are having to correct a deep scratch using a polisher then have a go with some wet sanding and 3 stage polish. Worse case scenario it'll need painting. The paint on a Corvette is fairly hard, much like the German cars. It's pretty forgiving. Avoid the "Coloured" polishes. As soon as you hit the sun with them they bleach. Not a fan of the Autoglym products either. Silicone based and stick to everything. I use the Angelwax range, mostly because they are local to me and I get to chat to the chemist that develops it. Agree with you regards the orange peel. The paint Corvette is pretty bad for it. Avoid the front bumper as well. Paint on that area is extremely thin..


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