Donington Historic Festival - CANCELLED !

Donington Historic Festival - CANCELLED !
Posted by Sarah J K
Donington Park Circuit
Sat 1 May 2021 - 09:00
Until: Sun 2 May 2021 - 18:00
(Adjusted for timezone: Europe/London)

Upcoming dates
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Start: Sat 1 May 2021 - 09:00
End: Sun 2 May 2021 - 18:00

Sarah J K

Committee Member
5th March 2021 - The organisers have issued a press release to confirmed this event is due to take place as advertised and they will enforce a range of measures to ensure the safety of visitors and spectators.

Any CCCUK members interested in attending will find details for ticket purchases in the Members Only forum.

DHF 2020 ticket holders

Finally, a reminder that any members who still hold tickets for DHF 2020 and have not yet heard from MSV about exchanging them for 2021 tickets should contact the MSV ticketing team Tel: 0343 453 9000 or email


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Sarah J K

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This event is confirmed but MSV had switched off all its ticketing for events before May 17, while they reviewed whether the event could run. While we have had confirmation the Historic WILL indeed run, MSV has not yet switched back on its ticketing system....they are aware of the issue and we are just waiting for them to resolve it.

Sarah J K

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Tickets back on sale, there is still time for CCCUK members to enjoy the 50% club discount on Early Bird ticket savings - this extra-special discount will end at 23:59 this Sunday, 14 March, after which members can still get the 50% discount on standard advance tickets until the car club booking deadline of 17:00 on Sunday, 25 April. Please note, there will be no on the day ticket sales - tickets are now only available to purchase in advance.


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I have booked, and looking at the MSV site there may by up to 2 other cars attending also !
Just hope I've been injected by then.

Sarah J K

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Mmm I have had a few people asking about the booking procedure, I'd like to think that there may be more than 2 other cars. Outdoors, social distancing and only pre booked ticket sales. They are doing every thing they can to ensure safety and there is still time for you youngsters to get your fist jab.

Sarah J K

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Sorry to everyone who has booked. I have just emailed all members on mojo with the following update from the organisers which I received this afternoon.

Dear Car Club Organisers/Members

I am immensely disappointed and very sorry to have to let you know that new guidance was issued by government yesterday- Tuesday 6 April - which contradicts the previous position that spectators would be permitted at non-elite sport events from Step Two of the roadmap (12 April onwards). As a result of yesterday's announcement, the 2021 Donington Historic Festival can now only be run behind closed doors, with only essential personnel attending.

Whilst outdoor attractions like zoos and theme parks can reopen, and events such as boot fairs, steam rallies and food festivals can take place with up to 4,000 visitors per day, a specific ban has now been applied to spectators at sport events until 17 May. This means that all events due to take place between 12 April and 17 May will have to be run behind closed doors.

I know exactly how hard some of you have worked to promote the event to your members, and how disappointed you will all be that DHF is not permitted to welcome spectators this year.

Those of you and your members who have already booked will, along with all other affected customers, be contacted by email by Donington Park's operators, MSV, with options on how to manage your booking - including obtaining refunds. Please note, while I'm always happy to help where I can, I don't handle ticketing at all, and it's not handled from the DHF office, so ticketholders should wait to hear from MSV. You can read more about this here: COVID-19: Latest update on MSV activities and events – 07.04.21

Once again, I am so very sorry and disappointed to have to give you this news. I can only hope that we can see each other again next year.