HT leads

Andy K

CCCUK Member
Hi. Has anyone got information on the lengths for the HT leads on a standard 1960 283 engine? The ones on the set I currently have are far too long and some actually sit on the chassis rails!
Any photos, or links to photos, with the routing and lead separators would be helpful too.
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Andy - perhaps your leads are for one of the engine combo's that had covered leads and were routed under the plugs (rather than over the valve covers) - are you able to cut the HT leads to length and re-make the connections either in the distributor (or at the plug caps)

Andy K

CCCUK Member
The leads would certainly have had shrouds fitted to them originally to block the RF interference with the valve(!) radio. The only shroud I have is the one over the coil and distributor, though the radio doesn't work (another job for the winter, or maybe a lookalike modern SS version would do). The leads do need replaced though - I have no idea how old they are, and the thing is a pig to start. It's been in storage for 15 months while we did a flit to Scotland.
I'm happy to make up a new set and just thought someone could provide a shortcut wrt the lengths.