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Hello. Has anyone installed LED front and rear light upgrades to their C6? There are options online but all are for the US market with red turn signals. I am hoping someone has found somewhere we can buy similar upgrades with UK complient indicators.


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If you read the Facebook post, Mike Buchanan is saying to fit them - "The best way is to take the front bumper off. It can be done loosening it and wings, but you run the risk of greater damage than if you take the bumper off…… so Ian Goss Snr told me as he did them for me. Top man"


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Headlight washers, the cover in front of the headlights, is a clear indicator of an EU car
Agree, but Middle East (e.g. United Arab Emirates) spec export cars also had them, if I remember correctly.
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I bought the standard units plus the adaptor cable for Euro spec cars - remember to adjust with the small silver screw before reassembling the complete car