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London Classic Car Show - Thursday 20th Feb until Sunday 23rd Feb. 2020

Added to Calendar: 20-02-20, 21-02-20, 22-02-20, 23-02-20

curious bystander

CCCUK Member
Since this was originally posted up in May last year the date of the show has changed to Thursday 20th Feb until Sunday 23rd Feb. 2020
To avoid confusion someone needs to alter the calendar. And the headline above.

Vaughan watkins

CCCUK Member
Looking good! 👍

I see that the show has changed venues this year as well, now at Olympia
Yes was a bit of a late change of venue but is easier to get to, haven’t had time to have a look round yet as was cleaning cars all day lol but it’ll be interesting to see how it runs, I do know a lot of venders don’t like this venue as loading times are limited unlike excell so I think there will be a few less vendors but time will tell

curious bystander

CCCUK Member
Looks like you've got a really good selection of cars Vaughan - well done (y) Doing the Club proud.

Are there any other Corvette's on display this year? If you know what I mean:unsure:


CCCUK Member
........, are there no chrome bumper c3's on display?

Doesn't look like it - and how good to see the "shark as it should have been" celebrated as it ought to be!:) Vive les soft bumpers!👍 And, based on Mark Eaton's stats in the mag, the '78 is the perfect represenative of the club as it's the most popular choice among our members. Of course, I'm not at all biased!:D:D


CCCUK Member
I went today, not a huge show. Excel was a pain to get to for me so Olympia is great. Hope it’s gets bigger. Not a lot of owners clubs stands there, mainly dealers cars. Corvette stand was the best by far, but then I am bias