My well loved c6 Le Mans blue, is sadly for sale ,


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I'm well past 70 now and I need to pass on my lovely c6 it wants for nothing , all recalls completed by iann Allen loads of history only honest and genuine viewers please. £member 4338. Barry 01993841705 £19,999IMG_1122.JPGIMG_1123.JPGIMG_1124.JPGIMG_1122.JPGIMG_1123.JPGIMG_1123.JPG


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Hi there , my corvette is a 2006 coupe , all recalls done at Iann Allen , serviced there as well light tan leather ( vgc ) body excellent, a very clean car


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Hi there, yes it is for sale but at this moment we are busy moving house, the price is non negotiable £19,400 with a stack of history , new harmonic balancer ( not cheap ) four new tyres ( also costly) all in all a car ready to go and enjoy .


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Hi, Barry....
Dang ! it looks like C6 ownership may be a bit beyond reach until I can bolster my budget some. Had been looking at a convertible, which turned out to be a screaming turd, and well-known on here. That had kinda been my budget, due to , shall we say ,"domestic mandate" ! Have looked at some C5's , one particularly nice convertible, but missed it whilst looking at some C6's that may have been do-able for me. Story of my blasted life, that is . You're asking a fair price, but I can't quite get there, so that lets me out , as they say . I hope your house move goes as well as it can do , and your 'Vette finds a cherishing new owner , as it deserves.
Stay lucky , stay happy, stay well , stay safe , my friend.
Nigel H.