Spring clean / paint restoration

Steven Smith

CCCUK Member
Over the past winter I contacted several car detailer's and car cleaning product supplier's about the poor single stage paint on my C4 and how to improve and protect it. I had tried multiple different products last year but none of them really lasted.
The one that came back with the most comprehensive reply was Auto Finesse. I have used there products before but not on the C4. Today as the sun was shining I gave there recommendations a go and am very pleased with the results.
You can see how flat and milky the paint looked after a winter of being outside in the first picture.

Half of the bonnet polished with Tripple, and you can see how it is reviving the paint.

Bonnet fully polished with Tripple and the shine is back. It could be left there as Tripple cuts and protects the paint in one but was advised to go one stage further.
The final stage was to use Passion wax which is especially developed for single stage vintage paint as it has a high Carnauba wax content and added oils to "nourish" the paint.IMG_20240330_131029.jpg
The wax is reported to give up to 4 months protection, time will tell, but so far it's definitely the best it has ever looked.