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Where (if at all) is the RPO/Options sticker/label on a C7 located?


CCCUK Member
"Thanks for info, I just won with my new car but lost with the wife’s. It’s starting to get expensive." Don't (fully?) understand your comment, unless its US spec car for you and UK spec car for the wife? 2015 car? You bought the yellow UK car that was for sale in April?

no I haven’t bought any more Corvettes this year but my new car has pre 2017 road tax but the wife’s new car a 2018 was dearer to tax than had it of been a 2016 car, non corvette. It’s a minefield.


CCCUK Member
Minefield? Yes/Definitely!!! Have spent the last 2+ months looking for my new "weekend toy" after, in a moment of madness, selling my lovely C6. To a fellow club member though, on the positive side. After 30 years of Vette ownership, trying to find a used low miles/mint/fairly priced C7 (or Lexus RC-F) has turned into a full-time job. Very few about of both cars here in the UK, doesn't help obviously. Have had to deal will "tricky" people and incompetent people, and sometimes you don't know which one of the two they are, or whether they are both?