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10.000 KM Costal-/Roundtrip UK, IRL

First time for us, we visited your country , was in 2014. We drove with two C3 and our C6 thru South-England. There is a thread in the old forum. It was beautiful, so we decided to come back.

03.05. – 04-06.2019
C7 stingray, convertible
10.363 km

beautiful landscape
only friendly, helpful and corvette crazy people (including police), never seen so much “thumbs up”
beautiful lonely streets (except for a couple of potholes)
pleasant accommodations
excellent food
Fine weather
no penalty tickets.

no other corvette seen

We have made a pdf-file from our whatsapp-broadcast (115 MB download). Daily gps-track-files. Comments are in german. Google translator will help.

2019 before Brexit

Maybe it will help someone for planning a trip.
Otherwise it can be used as a read for cold winter days.

Greetings from Austria, Tyrol
Dietmar & Elisabeth