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1969 Corvette convertible project


CCCUK Member
Anyone out there actively looking for a Project? I have a 1969 red on red small block 4 speed manual car. Rally wheels, new carpet set, new seat covers, new soft top. Chassis very good,no rot, same for the birdcage, car has stood since 1976 in USA, I brought it over in 2013. It is a project and thus needs a lot of work mainly to the body. It's shuffled about in my garage for far too long. If anyone is in a position to buy and house this car please pm me. So far in 2019 I've sold 2 cars instantly via eBay and if no serious interest through the club then on eBay it goes. £10,000 via eBay, £9000 to club enthusiast.


CCCUK Member
Hi There, where abouts are you in the country?, may be interested in having a look now we can get around again