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2006 Z06 possible lifter issue


CCCUK Member
After putting the battery on the car today and getting it started and letting idle for a good 15-20 minutes. I now have a loud metallic ticking noise.
Spoke to a mechanic friend of mine who advised to take it for a slow drive round the block to see if it goes, it hasn’t. He’s mentioned it may be a bad lifter.
Has anyone had anything similar, if so, if it does turn out to be a lifter, how much am I looking to get repaired, and assume is better to put an updated set back in?
Ive only had the car 7 months so need to talk to the garage i got it from to see if they will assist with any costs as i technically purchased the car without a warranty but they did say obviously if anything major goes wrong, they wouldn’t just walk away as they are a well known Corvette dealer.

My mechanic friend is popping round one night in the week to have a listen.



This may or may not solve your problem, but if you google 2006 Corvette piston slap or noisy lifters, a ton of reading from many others with the possible same problem. The piston slap will go away after a warm-up, the lifter tap, could be a problem. Good luck with fix.