2009 Le Mans Blue Convertible for sale.


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VIN number includes the "digit" telling you the model year. Don't know if Frank got a CoC from Stratstones? If I remember correctly, on mine it told you the actual month of manufacture too. 2007 model year LS2s probably started production at Bowling Green in late 2006. Ian Allan can do you two print outs showing 1) Dated delivery details (either to Kroymans or Stratstones) and recall history of the car. 2) Option codes on car. One of those also shows you the build date I think.


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OK Ross, I'll get the VIN later when I'm cleaning it, which I'm just off to do.
I remember so well when it arrived at my place on a loader from Birmingham in early June 2009. Then what a coincidence; we were in the Corvette parade for The 24 Hours starting at the 'Big British Welcome' in St. Saturnin and a chap from the crowd shouted out; it was the same man who delivered it!
I agree, the LS2 against LS3 situation seems irregular. All I know is that I bought a lovely, evidently 'new,' car from Stratstones in Birmingham; the only thing indicating otherwise is the LS2. Whatever, I had three year's GM warranty and the car has been a joy, except perhaps for the crap seat covers, for which I'm having new leather covers made and fitted. Also new front Good Year F1's. When this is all done I might want to keep it! Certainly if I can't find a C7 deal that appeals.
Then again I read a report from what appeared to be a learned person that the LS2 was/is a better engine than the LS3; it was something about torque delivery I think. But then I guess he/I would say that wouldn't we? I think it was from the US Corvette club forum.
Anyway, the overall experience of 420bhp and the auto box make every trip an experience. I've looked at superchargers and so forth but changing any stock parameter might lead to issues, even exhausts.


Contact Rich ( Membership Secretary/ex long time Chairman), to see if he still has the modified C6 exhausts/mufflers for bit more noise? Probably don't like the neighbours anyway? ;)
Yes, I still have them

So Stratstones were still selling them late 2009? I stand corrected.
Yes they were, as they had some stock left over including a Red Z06 and a Yellow "Victory Edition" which was a clone of the limited editions released a couple of years earlier.
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And they gave up the agency soon afterwards., or had it taken away probably. As I recall the share price of their holding company went to trash status at 3p but then shot up again fairly quickly to 43p so I should have bought shares not a car. Anyway, I had a good deal, even a great deal, and have had so much enjoyment ever since. It's only the interior that lets it down, well, inasmuch as it may not be as good as some European companies. And, 'hand built' alternatives? I have another two seater which is very much handmade and bits drop off that; so there!

Rich; I have toyed with the idea of changing the exhaust system; what do you have and what might you want for it? PM me perhaps. My C6 will make a noise if really pressed, otherwise it's very civilised. I don't like high revving motors anyway, that's why I have yank V8's

That trip to visit Bloodhound that I helped Bill Moss organise was quite fortuitous as it happens because the project has gone into administration; the car has now moved to Dewsbury and the new owner declares that the 1,000mph record attempt is still on. The only problem is they need £25million to do it.


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Get yourself a nice carbon fiber/stitched leather SoCal Garage Works Steering wheel. That will help lift the interior, along with the new seats.
SoCal C6 wheel on their website.jpg


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Yeah, it looks nice but I'm happy with the factory one. Main issue is to get the bolsters replaced and new leather covers fitted. The price I have from a chap in Essex looks very good as long as the material is up to snuff.


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Is this car still for sale? If so how much for.
Thanks for your anticipated repl.

Hi Steve,
I come here very infrequently and have only just seen this. Yes, it's probably still for sale; I say this because I'm expecting allan's to let me have a p/x price.
Let me see what they are doing and I'll get back to you.
Here's the latest picture of it. It is a one owner car; we can discuss price later.


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What is the general view on buying cars (specifically, going to see one and go for a demo drive etc.) now we're all locked down again?
According to today's paper, you can only entertain one person from outside your own household, to exercise (walk or run) - not stand around chatting.
I realise the showrooms and traders are set up to be 'Covid-secure' (!?) but selling privately has just become a bit more difficult hasn't it?
J.C. (1911)
P.S. 'Chevysteve' - I've made a note of your number.