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APRIL 23-25, 2020

Mike Buchanan (CCCUK Merchandise Secretary, Thames Valley Co-Rep and Ambassador to the National Corvette Museum) is inviting interested CCCUK members to join him for the Michelin BASH which marks the 'kickoff' of the NCM onsite event season for 2020!

As in past years there will be a large contingent of GM engineers and designers from Warren Tech Center, and the Bowling Green Assembly Plant ready to answer your every question. The Bash is a mixture of road tours to Kentucky attractions, presentations by Corvette celebrities, product demonstrations, technical seminars, classroom sessions with Corvette technicians, car shows, vendors, the ladies Oasis, and more.
It runs from the 23rd to the 25th of April with a number of events and opportunities to meet the staff from GM and the Museum as well as the race team. Visitors will get to see a C8 and speak to the staff who will be available to let you sit in and generally have a good look round the new car.

There will be tours out to the local distilleries, the Paddle steamer in Nashville and so forth and they are OK if you use a rental car.

The event itself is not expensive ($15 Lifetime members - $20 Members - $30 Non-Members) but some of the events have an extra cost. The biggest expenditure will be flights, hotels and car hire. package deals are available from BA etc. Mike will be there to help out and advise but it is not a “Guided tour” event during the BASH. Members can come and go as they please and attend what they want.

In the New Year the CCCUK will publish all the details and the registration process as well as costs. Throughout the weekend attendees can go into the museum as often as they like. The museum merchandise store will be open all weekend. We are also hoping to arrange a trip to the factory plus maybe a tour (if they are available at that time) and a guided tour of the museum, like we did last year on the Monday after the event.

There is also the motorsport track next to the museum to go and look at that is free to enter and spectate. Mike can advise on flights, hotels etc and would look to get all attendees there to do our respective registrations on the Wednesday afternoon.

The organisers like to have people volunteering at some point during the event and Mike expect to offer the services of CCCUK members on the Thursday morning, (as was done last year), so we can see all the cars arriving for the event.

If CCCUK members are thinking of going it is best to buy a museum membership first as all tickets on the museum website are discounted for museum members at the event.

For flights, BA fly directly from Heathrow to Nashville most days. It is an hours drive to Bowling Green from Nashville. Mike mentions that online seats are starting to fill-up prior to the event. He will be checking out hotels and advising once he has an idea of numbers but there are plenty of hotel choices around Bowling Green.

Any CCCUK members interested should e-mail Mike's merchandise e-mail address ~ merchandise@corvetteclub.org.uk


CCCUK Member
This sounds like a great trip! Not sure about the dates yet but we'll be watching out for more news!
I wonder what the ladies oasis is?