2021 Dutch event normally held in Spring?


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Hopefully it won't be too long before we can start enjoying our Vettes again......
I understand that there has been a spring event held in Holland in previous years - does anyone have any information about a possible 2021 Dutch gathering?


The opening meetings for the two main Corvette Clubs are held over the same weekend in April/May, and involve a visit to the Dutch Corvette collection.

However, you may be referring Corvette Fame in Valkenburg, Holland? Second week of July. I organise the hotels and restaurants for the CCCUK group and there is normally an announcement in the April Vette News. Alas, not this year though. It is doubtful that the event is going ahead and therefore nothing is being organised for the Club unless we have a green light. It's easy to set up all the arrangements at short notice, so watch this space.
Sorry I can't be more specific.


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Thanks for the reply Rich...if the April/May meet to visit the Dutch Corvette collection goes ahead I'd like to go and also to the Valkenburg visit in mid July