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427 running issues


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Just stalled my 67 as I was putting it in the garage, now it will barely runs - any ideas? Could stalling mess the gears on the distributor drive?
I'll check timing tomorrow but I'm thinking unlikely. Could I have damaged something more serious Cam drive??



427 manual 3x2, standard ignition.


CCCUK Chairman
Unusual for something like this to happen - but not unknown. Pin at base of distributor shaft/drive shaft to oil pump can brake - rare but it has happened. Distributor shaft on my BB engined car didn't shear - but the end of the drive shaft to oil pump sheared last year on mine.
Sure its not a fueling issue - float needles - unusual but timing chain pumped a few teeth.
All unusual but not unheard off. A couple of years ago when starting mine - it backfired and chipped-off a tooth off the starter motor pinion......
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Thanks for the responses.

Got time in the garage on Sunday afternoon, started first time ran like a dream.

Vapour lock in fuel system? Overheating coil?

Anyway, glad it is up and running again.