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curious bystander

CCCUK Member
One or two of you have been in touch with me to say you can't see the Members Only thread.

This is because although you have logged in and registered you have not yet been "upgraded " to Club Member status.

With so many of you registering on the new site for the first time it is taking time to get this done.

If you want the Ticket CODES for the London Classic Car Show or Silverstone Classic you can either go back onto the old site (click on ticker tape along the top of the home page) and look there (you may have to log in again!) or if that doesn't work email me at secretary@corvetteclub.org.uk

Sorry for any inconvenience

curious bystander

CCCUK Member
We will do this for everyone asap.
All that's in Members Only is the ticket CODE for the London Show on Friday and the Silverstone Classic in July.

Do you need either of these Redlevel?


CCCUK Chairman
Members only post was deleted - it was copy of response from chairman to earlier email to all members from 'membership' - members will see original message in their email 'inbox'