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As we all know any third party Catback exhaust for Corvettes (vendors love adding that Corvette tax :-(
is very costly and really only changing the exhaust sound

Me always thinking outside the box decided to make my own exhaust system that not only caused weight reduction but
was also a true 3 inch system from the collectors of headers to the inlet side of mufflers and
make use of the exhaust pulses to better clear out exhaust from exhaust ports of cylinders

I decided to ditch the Cats and in replace of that design a true 3 inch X-pipe and then
instead of using mufflers in the ass end to instead use bullet mufflers that had 3 inch inlets and outlets.
I wanted the point where the pipes to X merge to be large enough to have enough volume so that it was not restricting the exhaust of both 3 inch
pipes off header collector.
Final design was better then 60 pounds loss over the OEM exhaust system

Here in the USA the maximum sound allowed in Dba is 94.
First design testing showed as seen below that at idle out bound sound was over 105 Dba ( my ears still feel that :) and inside of drivers area
about 98 Dba.
Ended up having to add 3 inch pipes all the way out the ass end, about 3 inches past rear fascia so sound did not bounce around under the C5
To final Dba of 94 at tips to about 84 Dba in drivers area.

In the end I then re-tuned the PCM calibration to make use of the better flow out of cylinders, torque went up and clearly anyone who has heard my 1999 C5 knows it
is me coming a block away, very distinct sound for sure

If mods here allowed I could attach some video/audio