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Autocar tests a Grand Sport in the country


CCCUK Member
Yes, Article in 26 June edition of Autocar. Take one of the "wider" versions of the C7 down the narrowest roads you can find. Genius!? Then again, maybe the "standard" C7s are all sold out?


CCCUK Member
Motoring journo’s, always accurate:
The most powerful ’Vette is the Z06, which uses a 659bhp supercharged version of the
same engine.

Errr......no it isn’t and no it doesn’t. It’s not the same engine and what about the ZR1?

More money, more weight and a few tenths knocked off the 0-60mph time, with a top speed of 193mph against our car’s 180mph

Errr..... 1 second quicker to 60 for the Z06 isn’t a few tenths, and doesn’t the Z06 reach 200mph?

Anyway, times have changed and going very fast is simply not an option.

Errr... going fast is still an option, getting caught is not an option