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Brentacre Specialist Car Insurance


CCCUK Member
It's the time of year when the insurance renewals come in so I'm pleased to say that my extremely reasonable premium with Brentacre hasn't changed with their latest renewal quotation.
They're very keen to support the CCCUK & it's members so I'd suggest giving these guys a call when renewal time comes around. Easy to deal with & a cracking deal on my C5 with 5000 annual miles, even gave me a very welcome goodwill gesture.


We are currently in discussion with Brentacre with a view to progressing a formal association with the CCCUK.


CCCUK Member
They seem fine, but they are very strict on miles. I recently had to add another 9000 to my original 9000 policy due to more bog road trips and more frequent commuting, and it almost doubled the price what with tge admin fees. While I know more miles means more opportunity for incidents, it seems odd that a regular driver and commuter is considered more of a risk than low-mile weekend warriors who get less experience with their cars. By comparison my classic bike club and insurer tie up gives members unlimited miles and a few other bonuses.