Bullitt Mustang sells for $3.74 million at Mecum auctions


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There’s a low mileage but nothing special Miura up for $3m at the moment. One of the Bond DB5s went for over £6m last year, along with that the Bullitt Mustang is one of the most iconic movie cars of all time and there’s only one of them.

I bet you a pack of Jelly Babies within 5 years the Bullitt car will go for $8m. If you’ve got the cash it’s a guaranteed windfall.


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Well, went to the Festival of Speed (FOS) at Goodwood 2 years ago I think it was. Walked round the corner in one of the display areas and there was the Mustang Bullitt, with the owner standing next to it. Spoke to him for 5mins or so, really nice bloke. Said I was into Corvettes and he was a fan too. Think he said he had owned one or two? Personally, I'd prefer to have this to either of the two above (James Garner/Rockford Files fan obviously):

And looks like the same car sold in 2015 for a mere $40k.
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