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C3 Race Car Build


CCCUK Member
Thought I'd start a little thread as I'm bound to need some help over the coming months.

I decided earlier in the year to build myself another race car, I've currently got a sixties Cooper S that I've owned for 25 years. May come to regret it but I decided on a C3. I couldn't really find something suitable here at the time so I imported a project car from the States. Arrived last week, a little petrol down the carb and it started straight up and drove into the garage.

Just started getting it stripped, interior is mainly out now along with 2 mouse nests, a wasps nest and one dead rodent. Body mounts on the birdcage don't look too bad. Just have to wait and see what the top of the chassis is like when the body comes off.



Committee Member
Sounds like a splendid project! Please take plenty of photos - may be a series of features for Vette News!

Good luck with it all. I too look forward to watching progress and I am sure there will be plenty of "helpful" advice from members.....😬


CCCUK Member
Not sure what series to run in yet which is a bit of a dilemma as HSCC and CSCC 60s ones don’t allow fender flares which was my original intention.

First help required! Is it normal to have sealer between the top of the wing and windscreen?



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Having owned a beautiful 1966 Austin Cooper back in the early 70's, and regretted letting it go, I'd be interested to see photos of the Cooper S!

Good luck with the Vette!


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I can only speak for my 78, but that has a fibreglass panel shown with the red arrow, which is rivetted and glued to the steel corner panel at the base of the windscreen. (most of my steel panel had rusted away!) The winscreen also bonds to this panel, but I don't believe the screen should be directly fixed to the wing.



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Thanks John. The construction of yours looks just the same as mine, minus the gunk. I’ll dig it out and see what happens, probably asking for trouble!

Couple of Mini photos.



CCCUK Member
Wow! Now that is smart! It looks like a "race" version of mine. Love that it so stock looking, right down to the correct chrome trim around the wheel arches. I bet that is fun!
It’s been a bit of a nightmare this year, handling has been all over the place and I’ve parked it in the scenery twice.

Trim, bumpers, lights and bonnet all off, blimey there’s some heavy stuff on a Vette.



CCCUK Member
Started stripping paint, bored now :sleep: it’s had a shunt in the left rear at some point that’s going to need a repair and it’ll need a new front lower valance. It seems to have been sanded to fibreglass previously and the yukky yellow put on top of high build primer. There’s the odd places you can see the original silver.

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