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Here's a quick question for C6 owners - do C6s have a "trim tag" or similar to identify paint codes etc, or is that included in the VIN or the options list?


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Yes - the Service Label (in effect the RPO list and paint/trim ID) is fixed inside the glove compartment, Stephen.
Not the easiest place to read the details - take a torch if you're inspecting a C6.
Ask away if you want any more details. I realise we're separated by the English Channel, but if want you to look at an original. correct 2007 C6, you're welcome to
check mine out any time! (Everything is a la Bowling Green bar the exhausts, which are stored in my garage; the car has been fitted with a Magnaflow system).
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Thanks chaps! And thanks for the offer Jack :) Just "fishing" at the moment really! A car I was vaguely interested in has been sold!
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