C6 instrument cluster not working


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Hi all,

Hoping somebody on here may have encountered the following electrical issue.

After replacing the battery in my 2005 C6 the instrument cluster and DIC have stopped functioning. My HUD still works so I know that it isn't a fuse issue since the cluster and HUD share a fuse. Very occasionally while driving the car the cluster will come back to life, normally only long enough for the gauges to indicate my current speed etc. before shutting down again.

Today I took the cluster out, cleaned the contacts and reinstalled them in case there was a bad connection there but no joy. I can sometimes (but not all of the time) get a few seconds of life before it shuts down again by removing and reinstalling the connectors.

Strangely since I've been having this problem the lights for the stereo controls now stay on longer than any other lights in the car when I lock it. Not sure if these two things are linked.

Not really sure where to go from here so any suggestions would be appreciated.



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Have a look at this, post 18 looks interesting