C7 2018 Door opening problems.


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Anybody out there having problems with opening the doors of their C7's?
I have recently had intermittent problems when pressing the door release button from the inside. The door partially opens then stops, as though the latch has not released properly.
This is happening on both doors, although not always at the same time.
It is now also happening when trying to open the doors from the outside.
I've tried pressing the door release button twice - this sometimes works. When it sticks, the only sure way of opening the doors is to use the manual release.
Can't find any GM recalls for this problem.
Any ideas?


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On my car if you are "too quick" with the exterior release button the door only opens onto its first latch. If you take a more ponderous and considered approach it unlatches fine.

The engine start button is much the same. If you're too quick it just ignores you!

I think both of these things things may be symptoms of the "digital" age....



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Yep. Think you are right stingray!
Don't remember any problems with my 1968 Austin Cambridge
when I was a kid, worked every time! Suppose I'll get used to it
......... Cheers!