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The CCCUK committee are delighted to welcome Rich Rogers back on to the committee as Membership Secretary following the recent resignation of Jackie and Allen Fell. Jackie and Allen and did a great job of administering Membermojo for the CCCUK during its first 12 months. Longer terms members will recall a number of years ago how instrumental Rich was in reorganising the clubs finances and getting the club in to the very healthy position we currently find ourselves in. We look forward to your tenure Rich!
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Thank you, Ross, for the introduction.

I have started updating Club Members’ status on the website.

If you are a Member and do not have “CCCUK Member” under your username, then please take a look here.

If you are NOT a Club Member, and would like to be one, I can help with that also………………………


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Yeah, let me count them, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, let's see that 10 zeros, still adds up to....... zero........o_O:)

Good luck in the new position, I don't hold your choice of ride against you, got a Corvette engine in it.......(y):)


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I can see how the fight unfold... Corvette owner turns up with a big burly mate for backup.... then the Camaro arrives with 3 mates! The downside I'm finding with my Z28 is that when doing the late night takeaway run at work I've for 3x the people urging me to 'boot it!'


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You get a big burly guy in the back of a Camaro, good luck with that quick egress.............:LOL: