CCCUK Scottish Region Meet

Young Bill

CCCUK regional rep
Good afternoon folks,

I hope this finds you well and enjoying the brisk sunshine. Hopefully head out for a run this afternoon in the Corvette just to pick up some gear from work. Planning to take the Corvette to work tomorrow.

I have booked the Green Shutters Bistro in Largs for the 19th May for anytime between 6.45 up until around 10pm. I have created an event on the Corvette Scotland Facebook page and will upload to the CCCUK website as well. The owners will provide a menu for those that attend, especially if you have travelled a distance. They will have all the usual food as well as coffee/tea and snacks. The sunset in Largs makes a spectacular site and I will also arrange a photographer to attend as well. He has a C5 and I will ensure that he joins the club before 🙂

The link to the event on the page can be found here Willie Chrystal

As this will be the first event for a very long time I would like as much feedback as possible. I will also arrange another meet towards the East/North East for those that can't travel as far.

I understand that we are far and widely spread over the country, I only got one reply from the last email I sent out. Could I ask for suggestions for getting us all together at some point. The Lakes meet is still quite far away and a get together before then would be great.

Another date for the diary is Sunday the 9th May for the Classic Car Tours "Sunday Worship". The breakfast meet is starting back up again and is a great niché wee venue with limited ticketing. More information can be found here. SUNDAY WORSHIP

On another note, the guys from the Scottish Car Clan done a video shoot yesterday in my detailing unit for their YouTube channel. The video should be Live on Tuesday evening. I stayed out the way, gave them my keys, and let them get on with it. It'll be interesting to see how they get on with something that they aren't familiar with. I gave them a little guidance on Corvette history but they do their own research. Their page can be found here.

Let's hear what you guys have been up to with your cars. Robert, spotted your car in the local garage... Let's know what you are getting done. C3 was looking great as usual 🙂

Look forward to seeing you through in Largs if you can make it.

Yours Aye,