Check engine light & headlight wiring GM recall


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I was rather bamboozled when my check engine light came on and stayed on when I got the car out of the garage yesterday as all I had done since last November was to fill it with petrol.
Being cautious, it went straight back into my garage and I went out in another car.....
This morning, after reading the handbook it seems that the engine light can come on for several reasons, one of them being an incorrectly re-fitted petrol cap though this was not the reason in my case. Anyway, after speaking to the previous owner it appears that the Kooks long tube headers/Borla exhaust can cause the CEL to come on occasionally, so if anyone experiences a similar problem and has non standard headers/exhaust this could well be the cause.
I have fault code reader so after plugging it in (under the steeering column), the fault was cleared and now no more CEL when running the engine
Also, it is going in to Ian Allan Motors in Virginia Water next week to have the headlight wiring recall done.......

Now just looking forward to enjoying it.......!



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Kooks or any other longtube headers will give you a CEL. The only option is reprogram the ECU to overlook the results of the rear O2 sensors. For the headlamp issue there is GM TSB #06-02-35-002B from many years ago