Coilovers installed


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Took a stab at eliminating the infamous C5 corner hopping, and replaced the stock leaf springs with Aldan American coilovers. They're not the cheapest on the market but a long ay from the most expensive, so they're a bit primitive. So far seems to have done what I was looking for, but damn she's low! Looking forward to testing the step-up out at the Snetterton track date in September.

Before and after

Another angle


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Car does look good low Dean but not sure I’d want mine that low. Reckon that front splitter may suffer on a track day as well?


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Looks nice sitting that way
Did you then do corner weight height adjustments to move the center of gravity ?

I went a different path as a lot of adjustments by going with Penske race shocks
Lowered my 99 C5, then the shocks are designed shorter and 3 way adjustable and external
Nitrogen canisters that also allow shock adjusting
Shocks are mounted upside down for less unsprung weight and bump stops are bottom to prevent bottoming out
Custom front/rear swaybars helped get the handling I wanted with the shock design and settings
Do have to drive over curbs on a slant to prevent front spoiler damage

Then mini tubbed, trimmed end of spring end and installed 335/30/18s so no tire rub at all