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Corvette at Le Mans


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Those of you following such things will know that Porsche has pulled its US based cars from Le Mans. That rang alarm bells with our local press and sue enough, the news we'd hoped we would not hear has just been announced - Corvette have withdrawn from Le Mans for 2020

The story is here: Corvette Racing withdraws from Le Mans
It'll be a huge blow for fans and the ACO, because, despite what they may think, Corvette Racing is probably the most popular team in the race. The ACO is giving refunds for tickets, and I suspect a whole lot more applications will go in now....
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I think IMSA are hoping to start racing again at the end of June with the Watkins Glen 6 Hours
Yes, that's what IMSA have implied. We have friends involved in the WGI event and it's still not certain. A lot depends on how the state rolls out its "de-confinement over the next few weeks apparently.

There is some doubt among those involved that Le Mans will take place at all this year - we'll wit and see, but we are prepared for it not to happen......


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Just to confirm what we all new, LeMans Corvette Corral cancelled

Dear friends of the coolest, boldest, most spectacular and long lasting yet fun and affordable sportscar in the World!
by now you have the herd or read news (hence no more news): Corvette Racing is unfortunately not coming to Le Mans 2020. I know you are certainly disappointed, as it would have meant so much: not only the usual fun of being together in that very special atmosphere, also a "well deserved" break after that bad pandemic but of course particularly because we could have discovered the extraordinary new C8R in the flesh.
Let me give you the sentence which GM would like to share with you:
"Corvette Racing has a long history of competing at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, so our decision to not participate in this historic race this year was not an easy one. Several factors played into our decision, including current conditions and the rescheduled timing. We’re proud Corvette Racing has been invited to the 24 Hours of Le Mans over the past 20 years and regret that we won’t be participating this year. We hope we have the opportunity to race at Le Mans again."
It must have really been very painful for GM but I'm sure you understand how much more dangerous the whole economic situation is for businesses. I’m thinking out loud that the ACO itself must have an even more cruel decision to make.
It is also certainly obvious to you that I cannot organize the Corral this year!
But what I know for me and firmly hope from GM Racing and from you is that we will add all this year's energy and resources (strong hint) to an exceptional 2021 Corral.
In the meantime: stay safe, go shopping with your Corvette anyways to keep it (and you!) alive and avidly follow C8R's progress in the US!
See you next year, very best regards


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The news from Gerard was inevitable alas.

In the meantime, IMSA have announced their restructured schedule for the rest of the year:

The unfortunate report in Autoweek implied that Corvette were happy to cancel their Le Mans appearance in case they didn't have the pace! The information that I have had from "insiders" makes it quite clear that participation would have been out of the question given the likely quarantine and the closeness of the ISA dates, meaning a huge outlay in personnell, tools, parts and even cars!

June & I have opted to cancel our tickets for this year - I suspect a rather depleted race, even if it does go ahead. In a way, we hope the event is cancelled, as that way Corvette will be able to continue their unbroken record of attendance!


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Something else confirmed today that some of us were aware of, but still a disappointment to many I'm sure:
From my point of view its a shame that this year's Le Mans will be something of a shadow of itself and that Dan will not be there, as it would have been our chance to say goodbye and wish hime luck. He'll certainly be missed in the team and on the pit lane.


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Hi Steve, whilst I saw a mooted reschedule to September I for one will not be entertaining the idea of attending this year, lol so quite happy that I will not be missing the first C8s to race there. For sure early days at the moment but hopeful for next year. Stay safe


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Hi Pete
We have spoken to a few people here who have said "it'll be cold in the stands at midnight!". I'm not sure I'm keen enough these days to do the whole race with no Corvette Team in attendance. We will probably drop in for the odd day of practice etc....
I see a lot of change on the cards for next year....