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Corvette museum build sheet


New user
Sorry in advance if you’ve answered this before,
I am after the build sheet for my 89 C4, the sticker that came on the car has been removed, I have heard that I can get it from the corvette museum, do you have to join first or can I apply without joining, and has anybody got a link for the application form or the email address that I have to apply to, thanks again



Well-known user
Yes you can buy one via the NCM but maybe about $40, you do not need to join but they will charge $10 more for none member
Go here for how to purchase sheet
Buy Build sheet

Try doing this for free as there is 2 build sheets in car

Top of gas tank,
Take off rear license plate
Remove pass side back-up light
Use flashlight to look to the right to top back corner of gas tank.
IF your build sheet is visible remove via pass side tail light.

If need be
Anchor tank strap firmly with vise-grips, or it will twist like a pretzel.
Go under car and carefully loosen tank strap with socket and ratchet until you can slip build sheet out from under

Or look at the backside of the front cross member under the power steering reservoir for a small hole (quarter size).
If you can see the build sheet it can be removed by twisting round and round with tweezers until it comes out.


Regular user
Hi, Team ZR1, you say there is a build sheet in a HOLE under the reservoir,
if this quarter-size hole is not plugged/capped, surely the build sheet will be
in such a state from dirt, water, etc by now, or is it protected by plastic or
I shall see if I can find one in my 1990 vert when I get it out this weekend,
thanks for the info, have a nice day !:)


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Hi Lovejoy
When I had C4s I found the build sheets there and it was coated like with a water resistant type of paper
Though it was rolled up it still could be read clearly when opened up


CCCUK Member
I ordered mine from NCM. I’m not a member. Paid a ew quidfor it but worth it just to look at. I’d got the dealership window sticker/card too. And I ordered the 1987 brochure.

My original gas task sheet is present but hard to get too. I’d say mine is on the front of the tank. Intrigued by the other locations mentioned above. Gonna take a look!


New user
Thank you all for your help I received my build sheet and found out it’s a genuine Z51 so well pleased😀 is there any way I can find out how many there are in the Uk or left of my year ? its an 89


CCCUK Member
If you ever turn up at the museum to visit and get a build sheet etc, ..don't go on a weekend as the archive team aren't around then..