Differences between UK & Euro mainland spec C7s


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Well, I knew that UK cars have UK specific/spec headlights, and the rear fog light may be on a different side. Having said that, spoke to a German dealer a week back, and he told me that the fog light on a new German car was on the right (same as UK car). Spoke to Ian Allan Sales this week, and they are saying that the speedo calibration is also different.

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Can't see how the speedo calibration would be different between UK/Europe as we both have to abide by the same (EU) rules.

My C7 started out in Germany and the speedo is right in the same ballpark of accuracy as my previous UK C6.

(My foglight is on the left side though)


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Speak to Craig at IA Sales. Don't know what the difference is (if any)? I had just bought a UK spec car from him, so didn't ask/question him any further. He may have got it wrong?


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So far that I know, there is no difference between the digital gauges of a U.K. or a Euro spec C7. Just the difference with the fog light, that I checked today. On the main land it's on the right side.
As for the MPH and KM/H, that's the same on every Corvette and you can only choose out of these settings.

As for my daily driver, it has the same dash panel as the C7 and I even have the same infotainment system as the new C8. I can even choose MPH in US or Imperial and off course KM/H.