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Morning Rich, I always view the site on the PC but you've actually answered the question. If I'd spent a bit more time looking around the new site I'd have noticed the 'what's new' tab. Great - many thanks.
Excellent. Always happy to help those "senior" to me...............................


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Not very mobile friendly, which I would imagine is how most will view it.

Too many images, and fussy header bars etc. Personally I find it hard going and spend little time on it as a result. Slightly better on a pc, but still nowhere as slick as the previous forum.
I don't need 'catch up' of posts I haven"t read, nor "new posts" etc. All I look at is Corvette Gossip, C4 issues and Members Only. 90% of the Forum I find irrelevant and a pain to keep scrolling forever past banners and images to find what I want.
Today I'm looking around a bit more on the pc as this would be a nightmare on a mobile, but it involves a lot of scrolling etc.
Would I miss it if it disappeared? Not at all..
Much prefer Facebook, much simpler and just as informative..
What I would like is a row of simple header titles that I could customise myself at my login preferences in order of what I like to look at, much like organising your Facebook groups.
My ideas..
1. Lose all the header images (text only)
2. Remove the LH sidebar.
3. Combine Chairman's Update, CCCUK Chat, and Members Only as these forums are essentially all the same and all club matters.
4. Lose Humour, Off topic and Non Corvette motoring. Why are these even here?
5. Combine Help with Hints and Tips. Again, just the same.
6. The 'Join the CCCUK' banner etc is WAY too big and just gets in the way of mobile useage.

I'm 67, and oddly enough, the same chronological age as old people, and retired after a lifetime of electronic and IT work, so this needs to be easy on the Corvette owners whom I suspect are ages with me and possibly less inclined to press buttons without the help of the grandkids..
My tuppenceworth..
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It's funny how different people can see the same thing completely differently. I'm slightly younger than Redlevel, but personally don't like to do anything on a phone, except make phone calls. It's just too small and fiddly. Also, I find Facebook very awkward to use (probably because I hardly ever use it) but don't have any problem with navigating around the forum. To me everything on the forum is easy to find and in logical places. It's a good thing that we have both Facebook and the forum to try and suit as many people as possible.


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As a self confessed Luddite of maturing years I admit that I initially disliked the new website , but have got used to navigating it it now . I only use a good old fashioned lap top so that probably helps , although I do think it is a bit OTT on all the headings images . I cannot abide Facebook and do not use it for anything and I have a phone to make calls on and a camera to take photos with . I don`t need a smart phone the size of a billiard table that does everything that I don`t need . :rolleyes:
As for deleting Off Topic and Non Corvette stuff , we shouldn`t loose sight of the fact that there is a life away from Corvettes and it is good to `chat ` with other members and enjoy the crack .


Alternate between use of laptop and smartphone - both mediums differ in facilities and method of use but its ok for me!