Heater box repair


CCCUK Member
Just finished repairing and resealing the heater box, one of those non urgent jobs that I kept putting off. The control flap in the heater box was not doing its job of cutting off the hot air from the matrix so only a nuisance on a hot day. I found out this was because the foam adhesive pads on the flap within the box had just about disintegrated. Should have been a straightforward job removing the fibreglass box but sometime in the past someone had broken all 4 mounting studs and replaced them with nuts and bolts! Had to make a new flange on the inner box and fix 4 studs. Quite pleased with the result and now wished I taken a photo! Also tidied the flange on the outer box and gave it a coat of paint. Not an expensive job and now have a correctly functioning heater control ☺
Some pics of the outer box20201128_095105.jpg20201128_095053.jpg