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Hello from a new member.


CCCUK Member
Welcome to the forum, a pretty decent bunch on here. Lovely car selection you have, not sure I could cope with deciding which one to drive - nice dilemma though!


Dan - thank you for joining the CCCUK and a very warm welcome. I have amended your website status and will put the latest Club Magazine in the post to you.


CCCUK Member
Dan, Welcome! Now, Corvettes we've all seen,:) but some photos of the rest of your collection would go down very nicely - at least with me!👍


CCCUK Member
Hi All, As i've been asked to show my other toys, here goes....
The Roadster is a 32
The coupe is a 32
I drive the Hemi Dragster but don't own it.

Thanks for the warm welcome.


CCCUK Member
Wow!! A nice set!

Just been looking at the hi boy that won the Grand National Roadster Show trophy, so if you want to swap your roadster for an ageing '78 Vette, I now know where to get the flames added!:D:D:D:D

Paul Newman

CCCUK regional rep
Hi there.......am lovin' the C2 and the hot rod is sweet too. I have a 2004 C5 coupe at present, but soon to be upgraded to a C6 Grand Sport in torch red. I have also volunteered to take on the Regional Rep post for Central North in my limited spare time. Welcome aboard and keep the pics coming :D (y) 45194520

curious bystander

CCCUK Member
Well done Paul taking on the role of Central North rep. I'm in the region and it will be good to get things happening after a long period of the area being dormant. You'll have my support