Hi-Speed drive-by's


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The Galaxys, Cobras and Corvettes used to be (for me) one of the highlights of the Goodwood Revival weekend. Nothing sounds quite like them and in paritcular the way a Galaxy drifts round a fast bend is fairly spectacular too. Never a dull moment.


Back in the mid 70's I owned a 1966 Galaxie 7 litre 2 door coupe. Unusually it had a 4 speed close ratio gearbox. It was 'banded' black steel wheels with fat General Scrambler tyres (remember them) - chopped the front springs to lower it and make it look like a Nascar clone - some changes to the exhaust and inlet side of things. Big lump of a car but round run rings around muscle and pony cars of the day (if only because it took up so much room no one could squeeze past it! Never achieved speeds like the video - managed an indicated 135 mph on the Eastern Avenue though.........