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How much oil


CCCUK Member
Wow ! I just those old steam lorries and the later models of Sentinel and Foden were well quick and hit about 60 mph I believe . With oodles of low end torque they do acceleeate pdq !


CCCUK Member
Hi Kentvette ,
I have never been on a road engine but can well imagine all the well oiled valve gear flailing about right in your face covering you in oil ! At least on a railway loco all the waggly oily bits are either on the outside or underneath or if a 3 or 4 cylinder loco , a case of both ! Nearly everything is manually lubricated and with so many corks in oil pots and bearings that if the loco fell in a river it would float :ROFLMAO: The Great Western Railway ` King ` class 4 cylinder locos had 148 oiling up points that the driver has go round with an oil can before each trip ! You felt like you had done half a days work before you even turned a wheel :(
My best mate and railway buddy of nearly 40 years was an Ashford guy who started out as a freight train guard and ended up as Diesel Traction Depot Manager at Coalville .


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I'll resist the temptation to say that an oil and filter change really is job for the "home mechanic" ;)
That's what I thought but after 5 hours of using a hammer and chisel to remove the old filter on my 71 I beg to differ!

Granted, this car has fought me in every way imaginable, hopefully not all vettes are so horrible to work on.