How To Buy a Classic Car


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Hi Bill

Not sure I know how to do that!o_O:D Not averse to learning though.

But, as I recall, the Buyers Guides were in pdf format, stored on the old site in the Members Only section. Always hard to find I thought, and it would be good if they could be more accessible, if only to Members.


I have a feeling "stickies" will have to be re written for this new site:unsure:

Any volunteers?

I have the original Buyers Guides for C3, C4 and C5 in Word format. I don't think there were any additions to those appearing on the old site. They have the disclaimer which was added later.

Bill, I'm more than happy to post them here if someone could advise me where to put them (politely please). Perhaps we could add them on the same basis as before, as they were a useful tool for encouraging people to join the Club.

I await your guidance.


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Hi Rich, Yep, some "owners experiences" added when the guides were first published I think. I added that to my copy at the time :cool: I'd just thought they'd got converted to pdf at some point, but much easier in Word(y)