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Hybrid C8 planned by GM?


CCCUK Member
IMO one of the reasons for C8 to go mid-engine was to enable electrification of the front wheels for 4WD.

Wouldn't be surprised if various different hybrid specifications get rolled out, such as "Performance" at one end of the spectrum and "Eco" at the other - to help with manufacturer average fuel economy and emissions.


CCCUK Chairman
I'm in agreement with you on this - I think that for any main stream manufacturer to ignore the potential implications of not having some form of electric or hybrid version of their production vehicles is folly. At this very minute if you were to look for an 'affordable' hybrid or electric vehicle from ALL major manufacturers your would be disappointed. Yes there are a number of vehicles out there in the market but with manufacturers like Ford, Vauxhall (and their parent Peugeot) just having one suitable vehicle available on sale, its leaving things to the German, Japanese and far east manufacturers to come up with answers.