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It's happened AGAIN ! grrr...


CCCUK Member
Oil pressure switch sounds like a probable cause to me too. If you're really stuck I have a proper odb1 scanner/data logger you can borrow.


Regular user
Hey thanks, Felix, any ideas how to access the oil pressure switch, WITHOUT disturbing
the distributor?
I am wondering if a "suitable" test resistor would satisfy the ECM into thinking "ahh",
I see 60 ohms, therefore must be 25psi pressure.... that TAN wire is the only one to
the oil pressure switch, cant see it myself, only the top of the second sensor visible,
but it must be possible to trace that wire in the loom to where it joins the ECM plugs?

Where abouts are you, not near Bodmin, by any chance :)



CCCUK Member
I'm in Cardiff sorry. Perhaps try Corvetteforum.com in the C4 tech section, there's a lot of knowledge there