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John Robinson. John was a true friend


CCCUK regional rep
Hi all

It with deep regret that I have to inform you all that John Robinson sadly pasted away yesterday as he lost his battle with cancer. John was a true friend and Corvette fanatic he will be sadly missed. Our thoughts go out to Patricia and all his family at this sad time.

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Jack Cooper

CCCUK Member
It's a while since I've seen John (I think the last time was at 'Wheels' soon after he bought his black C6 conv.) but I'll always remember him as a
jovial chap. I didn't know he was suffering from cancer. Sad news indeed - R I P old friend.
J.C. (1911)


Like a lot of people, I had known John for many years. I would describe him as a real gent. A really lovely guy who was always smiling. Really sad to hear that we will never laugh together again. So sad for us all, but particularly for Pat and his family.