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looking for Good Parts Suppliers and Mechanics on South Coast

Pete C2

CCCUK Member
Hi All, Im new to the forum and have an early C2 Convertible, I'm looking for some good recommendations for knowledgeable mechanic's and parts suppliers for C2 on the Central South Coast. Your help / recommendations would be appreciated.
Please feel free to remove if this is not an appropriate request.


Whereabouts are you?

Try Read Performance in New Milton. http://readperformance.co.uk

The owner, Neil, can do all work and there is usually a Corvette in the workshop when I have been there.

There aren't any specific parts suppliers in the South for Corvette. It's a case a mail order from people like Eurovettes, Corvette Kingdom or Rock Auto etc depending on what you need. Scott at Corvette Kingdom seems to carry a lot of parts.

Hope this helps.